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4.3 ( 3663 ratings )
Games Gezin
Developer: Rui Hu

这是一款轻松幽默的休闲游戏, 你要以最快速度将相同颜色的小气球拖拽到一起, 然后戳破它们, 赢得高分。记得要好好利用道具气球哟! 小气球们很顽皮, 通关不是那么容易的。 祝您好运! 建议您陪伴您的家人一起玩, 可以增进家人之间的感情。

优良的游戏品质,是俺一贯的追求。感谢大家的支持, 俺会坚持做中文版游戏的,在中国做这行真不容易阿。此版本是lite免费版。


This is a humorous casual game, you can drag the same color ballon together as quickly as you can, and then brust them immediately to win high score! remember to use those ballon with special function! Little balloons are very naughty, pass all levels is not easy. Good Luck ! Recommend that youd better play it with your family, it can enhance the feelings between family members.